Who We Are

West Rainton & Leamside
Working Towards becoming a Dementia Friendly Community

About Us

West Rainton & Leamside Dementia Friends Steering Group has recently been setup by local residents volunteering their time to make a difference and create change within the community.

The aim is to raise awareness and work towards creating a Dementia Friendly community which involves gaining the support of local businesses, organisations and community groups also including you as local residents.

Our Aims

  • Raise awareness and reduce the stigma of Dementia for all those living and working within West Rainton and Leamside
  • Raise understanding and acceptance in the whole community
  • Tackle loneliness and social isolation for those living with Dementia and their carers
  • Supporting people to remain independent and connected to their communities
  • Promote wellbeing and independence for those living with Dementia, and improved support for carers
  • Offer welcoming and understanding businesses and local community groups for those living with Dementia, their carers/families Provide a new range of activities that open up to a wider audience and become more inclusive for older residents as well as those living with Dementia.